Winning Truth Ministries
Wednesday, October 20, 2021
Tim has served in ministry for over 30 years (25 years as a Pastor). Some of the highlights of his ministry include:
  • Personally worked with over 150 plus churches from 120 in attendance to over 2000 including work with multi-site churches.
  • Has personally led churches he has Pastored in multiple building projects including a relocation and the building of a Senior Care facility.
  • Assisted churches in raising over $170 million in ministry funds.
  • Has taught church budgeting and finance Adjunctly at Liberty University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.
  • Has hosted television and radio programs reaching into over 1 million homes.
  • Is often sought out to assist churches recovering from times of struggle (fluid in all financial software used by churches).
  • Has led several Christian Schools and also serves as advisor in areas of accreditation and vision casting and funding. 
  • Widely used as a resource on church documents (Constitution, By-Laws, Employee Manuals).
  • Skilled in conflict resolution and staffing issues. 
  • Comfortable in negations of contracts and working with lending institutions on large scale projects.
  • Has written leadership development and stewardship education curriculum along with two books and numerous articles.
Education: Tim has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Church Ministries from Liberty University, a Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry from Trinity Theological Seminary, and Master of Legal Study in Church and Ministry Management (Summa Cum Laude) from Trinity Law School.